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Mannapov, LLC is a leading expert in sourcing, refurbishing and selling mobile products on domestic and international open markets.


Cellphone Repair Technician / Refurbishing Display Specialist
Category: Technicians
The Cell Phone Repair Technician must have a solid, three - year background replacing glass/digitizers on both Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy displays for mobile phones.  Needs to set up full operation for large volume LCM refurbishing.  Essential FunctionsRefurbish Samsung Galaxy LCM using factory equipment.Disassemble and replace defective parts as necessary and reassemble devices.Ensure more
Phone:(830) 443-9823
Category: Facilities, Maintenance, and Repair
The custodian maintains a clean working environment for all staff and visitors, ensuring all areas are safe.1. Cleans and sanitizes bathrooms.2. Cleans, mops, washes, buffs and vacuums floors.3. Empties trash.4. Maintains outside walk areas, including sweeping debris and washing walkways.5. Cleans and polishes fixtures.6. Removes recycling materials.7. Tracks and orders maintenance supplies.8. more
Phone:(830) 443-9823