Personal Trainer/Coach

Posted: 03/21/2024

The role of the Anytime Fitness coach is very different than that of an independent trainer, studio trainer, or big box trainer. Some recommended qualities to seek in an Anytime Fitness coach include:

  • Friendly, courteous, compassionate

  • Outgoing and confident

  • Passionate and charismatic

  • Able to motivate others

  • Intuitive and adaptable


Coaches focus on mentoring members and clients to help them improve their health and quality of life through fitness. They take the time to work with others, using their knowledge, skills, and abilities to conduct safe and effective exercise sessions for a variety of participants.

Suggested Requirements
  • Good at influencing behavior change
  • Knowledgeable in fitness program design
  • Able to instruct training sessions (one-on-one and group)
  • Comfortable using technical platforms (e.g. iPad, Coaching Dashboard, AF App)
  • Familiar using tools (e.g. body scanner) to assess clients and members

Beyond their technical skillset, the Anytime Fitness coach should possess above-average customer service skills to provide a “surprisingly personable experience” to everyone they meet. This is especially important as we work to differentiate our brand as the gym that actually cares about others’ health and takes the time to help them succeed.


  • Addressing members by their names
  • Introducing yourself to others
  • Inviting others to talk more about themselves
  • Assisting members outside of training sessions


Member OnboardingThe coach may be responsible for delivering fitness consultations, which include movement assessments and body scans. This person may also coordinate follow-up appointments to keep training services at the forefront of members' minds.

Culture Creators

Coaches create an environment that inspires members and guests to share their positive experiences with friends and family. They deliver top-notch customer service and aim to improve the lives of each person they meet.

Other Duties

During non-training hours, coaches perform duties like general upkeep (equipment and training floor cleanliness, training area setup, corresponding with members via the Coaching Dashboard to their AF App, and following up with prospects and members.