Volunteer Development Coordinator

Posted: 05/16/2022

Volunteer Program Development Coordinator
Position Purpose & Description: The Volunteer Program Development Coordinator is to create and implement strategic plans to build teams, create programs and engage in outreach to ensure that the community & volunteers are aware of the opportunities that exist for them to worship through service as they grow in their walk with the Lord.
This role is to disciple others while providing leadership to all volunteers and people within the community to ensure the mission of Hill Country Daily Bread Ministries is furthered through programs and outreach.
The candidate should be able to operate and communicate at a high level, have a development mindset and a mature walk with the Lord along with a deep understanding and buy in of the mission of Hill Country Daily Bread Ministries.
Key Result Areas:

  1. Build teams and develop the appropriate programming for each team focused on increased growth and commitment of the individual (or organization) in an effort to forward the mission of HCDBM
    • Develop and maintain volunteer segmentation and teams to ensure appropriate communication, appreciation and growth plans for the individual across all departments. Once developed execute communication plans and events to forward the effort.
    • Develop and execute easily communicated programming and associated curriculum for each team or group focused on increased commitment ensuring all have a clear understanding of the mission of HCDBM and how their impact fits into that
    • Develop and execute effective programming for the summer youth volunteer experience focused on the impact that each youth volunteer will be making including structuring the experience to have an agenda, competencies that will be learned and curriculum associated with the learning(s)
  1. Create and implement strategic plans to recruit and retain new and existing volunteers and volunteer groups by building relationships and sharing the mission of HCDBM within the community
    • Build relationships with new and existing volunteers with a focus on discipleship and a desire to understand the volunteer and how they fit best within the ministry with a focus on forwarding the mission of HCDBM
    • Build relationships and share the mission of HCDBM by maintaining an active presence with volunteers and within the community ensuring that all have a clear understanding of the mission of HCDBM
    • Engage in proactive outreach to recruit and develop individuals as well as community, civic, corporate and church group service projects
    • Maintain a timely volunteer two-way follow up program including sending out impact recaps and surveys after each volunteer experience. Ensure each volunteer and volunteer group is asked when they would like to come back and make recommendations on roles and responsibilities that may work best for them
    • Maintain a high level of understanding of all ministry volunteer roles so that volunteers can effectively be plugged in to the appropriate job at the appropriate time based upon what is best for the ministry and for the volunteer
    • Recruit and manage all volunteers for special events including but not limited to Vision Dinner, Thanksgiving distribution, Big Give, etc. Engage in proactive communication to ensure you have a clear understanding of what the needs will be and how they will be met
    • Develop and manage lead volunteers to execute all wrap around programs such as book club, Christmas blessings, Easter baskets, Back to School, etc. ensuring there is a focus on the Gospel and a clear understanding of the purpose of the programs
  1. Strategically identify and execute all of the ways in which individual and group volunteers can be involved with the ministry through financial and in kind donations as well as service
    • In collaboration with the development team identify and contact individual and group volunteers who may be interested in supporting the ministry financially
    • In collaboration with the development team create and coordinate a communication plan to ensure that existing and new volunteer(s) and volunteer group(s) are aware of how they can support the ministry financially or through in kind donations
    • Ask volunteers and volunteer groups if they are interested in sponsoring the supplies associated with their service experience and/or if they are interested in doing a product drive as part of their service experience
  1. Manage the volunteer program to ensure all of the needs of the volunteer and the ministry are met in an loving, organized and effective way
    • Continually communicate and collaborate with other departments and team members regarding needs, contacts, programs and schedules
    • Maintain volunteer calendar of events, contacts and details accurately and in a timely manner
    • Track and report on a consistent basis contacts, service hours, demographics and opportunities through the appropriate database system
    • Ensure all volunteer information and liability forms are filled out in a timely manner and placed into the database system
    • Ensure all volunteer service hours are tracked on the sign in and sign out sheets and available for input into the database system in a timely and accurate way
    • Provide tracking and data including experience outcomes to other departments on a regular basis including but not limited to the grants and development department so that the volunteer efforts can effectively be communicated
    • Maintain constant communication with the marketing team to ensure impact stories and experience outcomes are placed on social media, sent through email, etc as appropriate
    • Maintain and communicate stories of fruit from volunteer experiences on a regular basis internally and externally
Minimum Requirements:
  • Development mindset, entrepreneurial spirit
  • Experience creating programs and associated curriculum
  • Experience leading teams and groups
  • Excellent communication and composure in a fast paced environment
  • High level of comfort presenting Christian mission and values
  • Persistence with a mature and teachable spirit
  • High level of comfort with the computer, online calendar and associated database systems (will train on specific systems)
  • Outgoing, people focused with an attention to detail
  • Full time, salaried role