Overflow Student Ministry Admin

Posted: 12/05/2022

Overflow Student Ministry Admin Job Description

Position: Student Admin  
Department: Next-Gen
Job Classification, Status, and Category: Part Time 10 hours, Non-Exempt, Staff
Date: Oct 26, 2022
The Purpose and “Big Win” of the Student Admin Role:
This position oversees communication, administration, and logistical duties to realize the vision and mission of the Overflow Student Ministry at Cibolo Creek.
Primary Responsibilities:
To the Student Pastor
  1. Regularly collaborate, plan, and utilize feedback loop with Student Pastors.
  2. Provide quarterly goals aligned with Student Ministries' strategic initiatives.
  3. Manage Pastoral schedules, meetings, appointments, and calendars as needed.
  4. Fulfill responsibilities as assigned by the Student Pastors.
To the Cibolo Staff Team
  1. Meet regularly with the Staff Team for prayer, encouragement, training, planning, accountability, and evaluation.
  2. Provide opportunities for collaboration between Student Ministries and other departments.
  3. Celebrate wins.
To Overflow Student Ministries:
  1. Pray regularly for Overflow Student Ministries
  2. Cast vision for “why” and “how” Overflow Student Ministries fit into Cibolo Creek. 
  3. Work the Leadership Pipeline
    1. Assist in recruiting, preparing, equipping, and inspiring Adult Student Ministry Leaders and Coaches.
    2. Process applications, conduct reference and background checks, and maintain Leader files
    3. Create and lead a volunteer admin team as needed
  4. As Administrative Team Lead
    1. Ensure calendaring of events on Monday.com, Planning Center, and website
    2. Ensure promo materials, registration forms, payments, and parent packets are designed and prepared.
    3. Assist in sending timely communication to parents
    4. Post and engage on Social Media
    5. Write thank you-notes, as needed
    6. Order supplies as needed for activities.
  5. Special Events
    1. Provide administrative support for Special Events (ex. Winter Retreat, Senior Sunday)
    2. Prepare event and trip info packets for parent meetings
    3. Assist with event registration
  6. Maintain the Church Management Database (Planning Center):
    1. Create, update, and maintain Visitor and Volunteer Profiles
    2. Manage all Student Ministry workflows (New Guest, We Missed You, Lead Small, etc) 
To the Cibolo Family:
  1. Proactively resolve personal conflicts through careful communication (no gossip Matt. 18, no conflict resolution through technology), personal reflection (1 Cor. 11:28), active listening (James 1), honest apology when in the wrong, and real forgiveness when wronged.
  2. Leads or participates in a Life Group. 
As a Cibolo Creek Leader they:
  1. Model Servanthood
  2. Set the Attitude
  3. Cast Vision
  4. Develop People
  5. Delegate Authority
  6. Require Excellence
  7. Appreciate Volunteers
This Position Reports to:
  1. Report to the Student Pastor
Strengths & Skillset
  1. Cultivates deep relationships with God and others
  2. Able to lead, equip and nurture people to be, become and do what Jesus did.
  3. Outstanding verbal and interpersonal communication skills
  4. Displays a high emotional intelligence
  5. Is a proven, organized, and dependable strategic thinker
  6. A self-starter who thrives in a team environment
  7. Displays a tenacity to persevere
  8. Proficiency in Canva, Microsoft Office, Planning Center Online, GSuite, Facebook, Instagram, MailChimp
  • Flexible schedule Monday to Thursday and Sunday – 10 hrs  
  • Flexibility with some after-work hours and weekend requirements
  • Weekly team meetings.
  • Travel for various retreats, camps, and conferences.
Please send resumes to: resumes@cibolocreek.com