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Business and Finance Manager

MeadowLand - Roy Maas' Youth Alternatives
Job Description
The Business and Finance Manager serves all the programs of RMYA through the accounting department located in San Antonio.  The Business and Finance Manager oversees the accounting department with the Chief Financial Officer’s oversight.  The Business and Finance Manager assists in maintaining fiscal management of the agency by ensuring all the finance functions of the agency- the budget, accounting, and financial reporting; payroll; and procurement are complying with all laws and regulations.  

SALARY: TBD (based on experience)
BENEFITS: Health insurance (75% of premium paid by RMYA), vacation/holiday/sick time, 403b Retirement Plan.
  1. 3-5 years’ experience with finance with at least 2 years’ experience as a Business Manager or relevant managerial role in directing program operations and staff with fiscal oversight.
  2. Proven experience with financial or enterprise management systems analysis.
  3. Strong capabilities with database and information systems software.
  4. Proven ability with develop and manage financial and budgetary processes.
  5. Prior industry experience and up-to-date knowledge of relevant trends
  6. Ability to gain a deep understanding of the RMYA contracts based on codes, laws, rules, regulations, and policies.
  7. Refined professional writing, project management, interpersonal and communication skills, dependability, and follow-through.
  8. Encourages an atmosphere of professionalism with all stakeholders.
  9. Ability to work collaboratively with other staff members, service providers, and other professionals.
  10. Able to self-manage, handle multiple deadlines, multitask, prioritize, and manage time effectively.
  11. Ensure RMYA’s strategic vision, mission, and core values are implemented and achieved through its programs and services.
  12. Proficient with, QuickBooks, and other business operations software Experience with database tools.
  13. Valid driver's license or ability to obtain within 30days of hire. Must have acceptable driving record.
  14. Successful clearance of a criminal background check, including fingerprinting and drug screening.
  1. Ensure compliance with government regulations and company policies across the entire company, including supporting risk management initiatives.
  2. Direct day-to-day business operations of RMYA. These operations include payroll, quality control on the daily opening, running and closing procedures of the business office, such as: proper cash management, including timely and accurate deposits, record-keeping, and receipts; proper asset management, including assisting with inventory management, and adherence to the agency’s budget.
  3. Draft business policies and procedures.
  4. Assist in supervising the work of employees and provide feedback and counsel to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  5. Maintain relationships with vendors and suppliers.
  6. Accurately manage all finance functions including monthly agency billings, accounts payable and monthly financial processing.
  7. Review receipts and disbursements, ascertains correct account distribution and ensure all support documentation is accurate and in order.
  8. Ensure effective internal controls to assure safeguard of assets and reliability of financial statements.
  9. Work with the CPA and auditor to generate timely monthly and yearly financial reports.
  10. Ensure compliance with any and all financial and contract reporting requirements for private or public funding, licensing or regulatory agencies.
  11. Work with agency monitors and auditors to ensure that we meet all financial and contractual requirements. 
  12. Assist in resolving accounting and financial problems and/or issues.
  13. Ensure complete and up-to-date operating procedures for all accounting and financial controls.
  14. Assist in the preparations of annual budgets.
  15. Oversee Medicaid billings to include: receivables, payables, extension requests and concerns of Medicaid Billing Coordinator.
  16. Maintain professional and ethical standards as prescribed by RMYA.
  17. Maintain necessary certifications and training hours needed to fulfill job responsibilities.
  18. Represent RMYA in a professional manner at approved events in the community.
  19. Be supportive of all RMYA policies and procedures, and actively participate in their development by proposing changes and updates as well as working on teams designed to improve how we work together.
  20. Perform special projects as assigned.
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