Chamber Master

Surgical Coordinator Full Time

Medical Center Ophthalmology Associates
Job Description
Job Responsilibites:
  • Check “Doctors Orders” in EMR under Task.  Filter by doctor.
  • Call patient to schedule outpt surgery date and pre op appointment. Once scheduled, in Allscripts go into Integrity and create a new order in the surgery module that includes type of surgery, dx code, which eye and link appt.  Your facility must be under “SSC”. Complete orders in Integrity under task once scheduled. If it’s an in office procedure, complete order after scheduling in Allscripts only.
  • If you’re unable to reach the pt., enter a note in EMR in correspondence under preop if you left a message, or if there was no answer and no voicemail, etc.  Update task to “in progress”.
  • Verify insurance; call and get benefits and check if auth/referral is needed for procedure. Put notes in Allscripts, including what patients will owe after running patient portion pricer. If auth/referral is needed, once received, add case/auth # under appointment for date of service.  We must have all auth/referrals by date of service, if not the appt must be cancelled. Add amount owed in Clearwave if it is an office procedure.
  • Update notes in EMR after every phone call, discussion or messages left under correspondence.
  • Go through orders every week and call all pending. If an order is over 3 months, cancel the order, the pt. will need to be seen again. Orders are no longer valid after 3 months.
  • If you have tried to make contact at least three times, and still no word back from the patient, enter your final note and cancel the order.
  • During a preop, do an IOL master, do immersion if axial lengths have a .3 difference. If the patient is having an upgraded lens or laser, they need to have an OPD, if there is not a current one, it will need to be done at time of preop. Collect any fees owed from patient, if using care credit add a note in allscripts, email receipt to Rosie and scan into integrity.
  • After pre op, start a new encounter in Integrity, scan in all paperwork, import all IOL Masters or OPDs, and add preop discussion. Update preop codes, IOL Master or Surgical Preop, change provider to operating dr. and complete pre-op in Integrity. Send out surgery drops, Fill out Pink Surgery Sheet, Cataract review sheet, Lensx Treatment Form (if pt using laser), run any Toric/Lensx calculators and fill out H&P.  Give chart to dr. for lens pick.
  • When you get the charts back, double-check choices, and enter lens into Allscripts on appointment note.
  • Email H&P’s and medical necessity, and for Blephs send visual fields and pictures, to Christine, at least 3-4 days before surgery date.
  • When surgery date complete, all lens picks are done and have been updated in Allscripts, fax the schedule with all lens picks to SSC/Brian.
  • Put charts together, print final schedule, check who anesthesia is and give to doctor.
  • Call patients day before to confirm time, remind of NPO and post op time. Also verify payment has been collected, if not collect at that time.
  • A high school dipoloma or GED equivalent 
  • Minimum 1 year experience working with ophthalmology
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