Medical Assistant - Northeast OB/GYN Associates

Posted: 05/20/2024

Exciting opportunity for a new Medical Assistant graduate. One (1) year of medical office experience in OB/GYN office preferred, but not required. Seeking motivated professional that thrives in a fast-paced environment.  Excellent full-time benefits, and company discounts available. Graduate from a medical assistant program required.

Primary duties includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Some to travel between medical offices may be required.
  2. Fulfills patient care responsibilities as assigned including checking schedules and organizing patient flow; accompanying patients to exam/procedure room; assisting patients as needed with preparing for exam, etc.; collecting patient history; performing screenings per provider guidelines; assisting physicians/nurses with various procedures; charting; relaying instructions to patients/families; answering calls, and providing pertinent information.
  3. Identifies the patient’s need for education in wellness or illness and provides appropriate information.
  4. Fulfills clerical responsibilities as assigned that may include sending/receiving patient medical records; obtaining lab/X-ray reports, hospital notes, referral information, etc.; completing forms/requisitions as needed; scheduling appointments; verifying insurance coverage and patient demographics; managing and updating charts to ensure that information is complete and filed appropriately.
  5. Fulfills organizational responsibilities as assigned including respecting/promoting patient rights; sharing problems relating to patients and/or staff with immediate supervisor.
  6. Recognizes patient’s abnormalities or urgent problems and seeks appropriate assistance; responds appropriately to emergency codes;
  7. Fulfills clinical medical assisting responsibilities that vary according to state law, which may include medical/surgical asepsis, sterilization, instrument wrapping and autoclaving; checking vital signs or mensuration; physical examination preparations; clinical pharmacology; drug administration through various routes including injections; prescription verifications with physician’s orders; minor surgery assists including surgical tray set-up pre/post-surgical care, applying dressings, and suture removal; biohazard waste disposal and monitoring; therapeutic modalities; instructing patients with assistive devices, body mechanics, and home care; laboratory procedures including Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines; quality control methods; CLIA-waived testing; capillary punctures and venipunctures; specimen handling such as urine, throat, vaginal, stool, and sputum; electrocardiography including mounting, emergency triage, and first aid. Medical assistants must adhere to the MA scope of practice in the laboratory.