Front Desk Ministry Services Associate

Front Desk Ministry Services Associate Position Description:

This role is expected to build and manage a volunteer team to support the efforts of the front desk and associated tasks to ensure all tasks are completed in a friendly, effective and efficient manner while also ensuring the front desk(and its duties)is always covered by a trained volunteer or staff member. This position serves as a support role to all departments within the ministry and is expected to work with a collaborative spirit.Operate in a way that honors the fact that everyone we come into contact with is an opportunity to show the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Key Result Areas:

1) Build, manage and develop a volunteer team to not only execute associated tasks but encourage spiritual growth while showing the love of Jesus. This role is expected to have a fully trained and highly functioning volunteer team in place within the first 90 days of employment.
    •    Build relationships with volunteers while attempting to engage them further both spiritually and professionally
    •    Provide any training necessary to ensure an effective and productive service time

2) Ensure that all daily administrative tasks are executed either through your own doing or by the associated volunteers including but not limited to:
    •    In collaboration with the volunteer coordinator, ensure all volunteer registration forms are put into donor perfect in a timely manner according to the data entry procedures
    •    Ensure all in-kind donation receipt information is put into donor perfect in a timely manner according to the date entry procedures
    •    Ensure all mail has stamps and return address labels and that it is placed in the mailbox and/or taken to the mailbox as necessary and mailed in an appropriate and timely manner
    •    Ensure all inbound mail is directed to the appropriate person
    •    Manage the paper shredding needs of the office including execution and elimination
    •    Be responsive to any and all guest and staff needs in a timely and friendly manner
    •    Ensure coffee, snacks and water are prepared, stocked, presentable and always available for guests in both the client waiting area and the break room
    •    Ensure all waiting areas and the break room are always clean and inviting including cleaning up Thursday lunch, or other special events, & dishes as necessary
    •    Ensure the entire Ministry is clean and inviting including managing others to execute the tasks
    •    Ensure break room and any other appropriate areas are consistently stocked with plastic ware, paper goods, plates, and any other necessary supplies
    •    Ensure restrooms are consistently stocked with all necessary items and presentable
    •    Ensure all plants throughout the ministry are watered as needed and well maintained
    •    Ensure there are always enough copies of needed paperwork and supplies including but not limited to applications, in kind receipts, etc.
    •    Execution of other administrative needs of the ministry in the event a volunteer is not available ensure the tasks are still completed
    •    Troubleshoot any other inquiries that arise throughout the day

3) Provide a friendly, solution oriented and service minded greeting to all clients who visit Hill Country Daily Bread Ministries
    •    Greet clients when they arrive by making them feel welcome
    •    If the client is here for a scheduled appointment contact the appropriate intake specialist
    •    If the client is a walk in without a scheduled appointment or is in need of emergency services contact the case manager supervisor to facilitate next steps

    ⁃    Process the appropriate paperwork in line with the emergency services protocol to support the case manager and the Client Services department
    ⁃    Coordinate with the distribution of Care Boxes for walk in clients per the protocol established by the Client Service department
     •    If a client comes for a clothing room appointment contact the clothing room and walk the client(s) to the clothing room ensuring they understand the process; when the clothing appointment is complete walk the client back to the main area for exit
    •    If a current or potential client calls for an appointment look up their record within File Maker Pro, schedule their appointment within the Google Calendar and put the notes into their record within File Maker Pro. All information in File Maker Pro is completely confidential and is not to be shared with anyone.

4) Develop and maintain an effective communication process and strategy to share information with the Client Services team on an ongoing and as needed basis as it relates to client needs, appointments or meetings
    •    Assist Client & Partner Services department to ensure that there are copies of all necessary paperwork available at the front desk and make copies as necessary of:
    ⁃    Client Application Packets
    ⁃    Devotions for distribution boxes
    ⁃    Any additional fliers or information pieces for distribution
    ⁃    Duke& Likert survey profile sheet(s)
    ⁃    Any other administrative help that is needed for C&PS or any other department

5) In collaboration with the front desk volunteers ensure the phone is answered in a friendly, solution oriented and service minded way every time it rings with the goal of gathering as much information as possible to effectively troubleshoot
    •    Follow the appropriate process based upon the need of the individual calling
    •    Check voicemail box every morning and throughout the day as needed and distribute messages for follow up
    •    If the phone rings while you are on the other line, place the current call on hold so that you can be responsive to the other call as well

6) In collaboration with the front desk volunteers provide a friendly, solution oriented and service minded greeting to all donors who visit Hill Country Daily Bread Ministries
    •    Greet donors when they arrive by making them feel welcome
    •    If the donor has an inventory donation direct them to bay 4 for drop off and provide them with an in-kind donation receipt–collaborate with the Operations team to understand what donations we do and do not accept
    •    Keep a copy of the donation receipt for internal records and place all in-kind donation information into donor perfect in a timely manner according to data entry procedures
    •    If the donor has a cash donation contact the finance department and/or the development department

7) In collaboration with the front desk volunteers greet volunteers with a kind and friendly heart and ask them to wait in the volunteer waiting area. Contact the volunteer desk to let them know that a volunteer is here so that they may be plugged in where appropriate.
    •    Provide additional support for Volunteer Coordinator as needed.

8) Support all departments in the ministry with a collaborative spirit as the need arises including but not limited to special projects, seasonal needs, etc. Some tasks may include:
    •    Making calls to volunteers for recruitment and retention efforts
    •    Making calls to donors for recruitment and retention efforts and/or focused on special events such as Vision Dinner table hosts and guests
    •    Vision Dinner leader role as determined by Development Team
    •    Supporting mail out projects and ensuring envelopes are stuffed and prepared for the post office
    •    Posting announcements& information as requested by other departments
    •    Taking pictures of volunteer groups, presentations, etc for use in social media or other promotional channels

9) If you are unable to come to work at any point proactively ensure the front desk is covered by finding a volunteer to stand in your place in advance
    •    Ensure volunteer staffing to answer the phone is in place prior to the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks when necessary
    •    Make and put up signs at least 1 week in advance of any ministry closures so that all volunteers and visitors are aware

10) All client/donor/volunteer information is completely confidential and should be treated as such

Key Competencies:
    ⁃    1) Approachability                                6) Motivating Others
    ⁃    2) Caring About Direct Reports           7) Patience
    ⁃    3) Compassion                                    8) Time Management    
    ⁃    4) Customer Focus                             9) Interpersonal Savvy
    ⁃    5) Managing Diversity                        10) Listening