Chamber Master

Executive Assistant

Bandera Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Job Description
Position Summary - To provide efficient, accurate and confidential secretarial and administrative services to the CEO/General Manager, Board of Directors and others as directed by the CEO/General Manager

Duties and responsibilities:
  • Keep the CEO/ General Manager, COO and other key staff well informed of developments which affect them.
  • Make every effort to serve the Board of Directors, Cooperative employees and member-consumers, courteously and efficiently, and respond to all correspondence and inquiries directed via mail, over the counter, or by phone and, if unable to do so, refer them the proper person(s).
  • To provide necessary, accurate information to the Cooperative's Board of Directors and CEO/General Manager. Work directly with the CEO/General Manager on a daily basis, completing all work in a professional manner.
  • Be courteous, at all times, when receiving members, visitors and employees wishing to meet with the CEO/General Manager and Board of Directors.
  • Field incoming phone calls directed to the CEO/General Manager or Board of Directors.
  • Prepare confidential correspondence for the CEO/General Manager, COO and Board of Directors when necessary.
  • Serve as the recording secretary during board meetings and compose board meeting minutes for final review by the CEO/General Manager.
  • Assist in the development of the regular and special board meeting informational packets.
  • Compile and distribute board meeting informational packets by established deadlines to ensure adequate time is provided for review and analysis prior to the board meetings.
  • Maintain the necessary filing system for board meeting minutes, bulletins, records and correspondence for the CEO/General Manager.
  • Research/investigate records and compile information as needed
  • Assist in setup and organization of all scheduled and special meetings of the Board of Directors and other committees as needed.
  • Prepare and ensure prompt and accurate payment of monthly compensation and ordinary reimbursement due the Board of Directors.
  • Assist in the preparation of the boardroom for all meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Assist in the preparation and coordination of the Cooperative's annual report and meeting.
  • Prepare, compile, and analyze monthly accounting and operating summaries of Board of Director expenses and capitalized costs.
  • Assist in preparing monthly reports for the board meetings.
  • Assist in organizing and compiling the annual operating budget.
  • Prepare and distribute miscellaneous reports as required and ensure that all reports are timely compiled and delivered to the CEO/General Manager.
  • Associates Degree or Five (5) years related experience with executive-level administrative support
  • Valid Texas driver's license and related insurance
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