Large Group Coordinator - Kids Creek Staff Team Position

Posted: 04/27/2023

Children’s Ministries Position (non-denominational church)
Title: Large Group Coordinator
Kids Creek Staff Team Position
Part-Time Position – Approximately 12–15 hours per week - $22.00/Per Hour – Sunday Mornings Required
Qualifications: At least 1-2 years of experience serving as a volunteer or on a church staff, working in children’s ministries. The win would be a creative, out-going personality who loves kids and understands the importance of teaching the Bible to children, through a variety of fun and creative ways to reach them for Christ in their world.
Role:  The coordinator helps to fulfill the purpose of Cibolo Creek Community Church by ensuring that children and their parents are introduced to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, nurtured into Christlike maturity, and mobilized to make a difference in their world for the Kingdom of God.
Primary Responsibilities:
Leadership:  The coordinator will develop and lead a team of individuals to be effective at fulfilling ministry to children.
Creative Programming:  The coordinator will participate in program development for children attending large group for Kinder-5th grade students on Sunday mornings and 2 annual Family Experiences, Christmas, and Easter.  Adherence to the values of creativity, relevancy, child targeted, fun, and spiritually nurturing are components for program development.
Specific Responsibilities:
-Large Group Worship Experiences-provide for a weekly worship experience for Kindergarten -through 5th grade that incorporates worship through music, teaching, and games. 
-Leverage Curriculum (currently use Orange Curriculum) to equip large group volunteers and parents to minister to students through curriculum and resources provided.  (Both in person and at home learning)
-Provide live teaching/storytelling through a team of individuals and leverage media provided by Orange Curriculum by selecting from options what components best suit Kids Creek
-Recruit or serve as Host for opening games
-Lead team of AV/actors, speakers and any volunteers needed to enhance Large Group Program
-Leverage ProPresenter for Large Group presentation-select and load curriculum into KC computer utilizing ProPresenter as platform for presentation.
Please submit all qualified resumes, documents, and links to:
We recommend that you go to our website: and check out our KidsCreek ministry, listen to some sermons, and see what we are all about!