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Direct Primary Care for your Employees
Concierge Quality, Direct Pricing

Reduce healthcare costs and time spent away from work while improving employee health. Cibolo Family Medicine focuses on quality care and preventative wellness that decreases overall healthcare costs for employers and employees alike.

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Cultivating a healthier, happier workforce doesn't have to be complex or expensive. Cibolo Family Medicine provides unlimited access to high quality care for your employees for a flat monthly fee. With our convenient access, your employees and their families can start getting well sooner, with minimal business interruption. We respect your time, and your appointment starts on time. We can also handle many issues remotely over the phone. We don’t have phone menus, only real people for you to talk to.

Our membership includes unlimited visits with almost every procedure and diagnostic we offer at no extra cost. Minor injuries at the workplace are no reason for an ER visit. We can see your employees quickly at no extra cost, decreasing your workman’s comp claims. Members are offered access to their primary care physician 24 hours a day by phone. We have negotiated the lowest rate possible on ancillary services such as labs, imaging, and diagnostic testing. Instead of paying $955 for her extensive lab tests, one of our patients paid $78. Another paid $38 instead of $540. Another paid $11 instead of $85.

Cibolo Family Medicine’s direct primary care membership, when paired with a high-deductible health plan, is a cost-effective way for business owners to provide top quality health benefits to their employees while maintaining compliance in the highly-regulated healthcare environment. Your stop loss carrier will also likely give you a better rate if using a DPC practice! If not, we will help you get a better stop loss carrier! Reduce your insurance claims and lower your premiums. Because we can handle so many issues with no or minimal insurance claims, your insurance company should be able to lower your premiums. Typical savings for self-funded plans for many businesses using Direct Primary Care are 30-50%.

Achieve greater employee satisfaction

Saving time and money is nice, but ultimately we know you want your employees to be well. We want to not only keep your employees healthy, we want to help your business be successful. By providing our services you can communicate how much you care for them.

We want to work with you to design a custom program that fits your business. Call the office at (830) 428-2500 and ask for Colin or send an email to for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

"Take care of employees better than anyone else, and they will take care of customers better than anyone else." -Kip Tindell

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