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BEC Solar Renewable Energy Sales Engineer

Bandera Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Job Description
This position is responsible for the business development and technical sales involving solar and energy storage solutions. Working with Engineering and Marketing this position will be responsible all aspects of the technical sales process. This position will be primarily focused on understanding the technical aspects of renewable technology developed by BEC Solar and building an adequate pipeline of potential BEC Solar customers and utilities outside the BEC Electric service territory. .Duties and responsibilities
  • Responsible for the BEC Solar LLC business development of solar, storage and microgrid solutions.
  • Responsible for overseeing the business development aspects of the BEC Solar business, including the establishment of distribution channels and strategic marketing aspects of solar/storage and microgrid deployments.
  • Responsible for building and developing sales and support staff to ensure adequate sales pipeline
  • Responsible for developing business relationships with potential customers outside of the BEC territory.
  • Responsible for sales forecasting and financial reporting as required.
Baccalaureate degree in engineering or engineering technology from an accredited college or university.
2+ years related experience in the business development and sales in the renewable energy industry (preferred).
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