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Retail Personnel

RA Nursery, Materials, Landscape
Job Description
Retail Personnel performs manual labor for the upkeep of plants, trees and retail space, stocking and fulfillment of customer orders, and assisting customers in making informed decisions regarding their landscaping. 
  • Actively promote RA Materials’ Core Values of Respect, Learning Environment, Integrity and Service.
  • Working knowledge of landscaping materials (mulch, weed barrier, plants, trees, cactus, gravel, rock, stone, etc.)
  • Assist customers
  • Responsible for the safe daily operation of all mobile and related equipment and tools.
  • Actively follow and adhere to established RA Nursery Materials Landscape procedures.
  • Performs all duties in conformance with appropriate safety, environmental and security standards.
  • Actively work in a team atmosphere to achieve company goals.
  • High school graduate or GED equivalent
  • Three plus years of retail experience.
  • Military, trade or technical schooling related to landscaping a plus,
  • Ability to operate skid steer, chain saw, weed eater and lawnmower.
  • Any equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Ability to complete assignments without constant supervision
Essential job functions:
  • Load and assist customers. 
  • Maintain cleanliness of work area and cleanup of equipment after completing an assignment or project.
  • Dig or excavate earthen materials as needed
  • Demonstrate proficient operation of skid steer, mini skid and other assigned equipment.
  • Fill out forms to report mechanical problems
  • Accurately record and report work accomplished according to established procedures
  • Control and organize tools and equipment as assigned.
  • Identify and be familiar with plants, chemicals, hard goods and materials that RA Nursery Materials Landscape stocks. 
  • Maintain quality of inventory
Marginal job functions:
  • Replace or assist other workers as needed or directed.
  • Perform other occupational related duties as required, and for which qualified to perform safely, as assigned by supervisor.
Knowledge, skills and abilities:
  • Ability to communicate effectively with supervisors and other staff
  • Ability to carry out simple oral and written instructions and deal with simple problems.
  • Ability to accurately use a level, ruler and tape measure
  • Basic mathematical skills, including basic arithmetic functions and common units of measurements.
  • Ability to read English sufficiently to be able to read information contained in manuals, regulations, and reports, including safety issues and related matters.
  • Ability to detect safety hazards and equipment malfunctions and respond accordingly.
  • Lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling and/or moving 60 pounds maximum, with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 50 pounds.
  • Basic mechanical knowledge to detect potential breakdown of equipment.
  • High level of attentiveness and physical coordination to operate mobile equipment and tools safely and productively in heavy traffic areas or confined spaces.
  • Be punctual and have good time management skills.
  • Basic botanical knowledge and ability to recognize potential plant stressors. 
  • Ability to use a computer to complete transactions, complete forms, send emails and generate documents.
Physical Demands: Work tasks are performed outdoors and subject to environmental and weather condition changes.

Environment: Exposed to heat, humidity, cold, and dampness as he/she works outside a majority of the time. Dust is stirred up frequently by vehicle movement and wind.
Physical tasks:
  • Must perform laborer’s work (shoveling, mixing, carrying, lifting, etc.).
  • Must continuously load dump trucks, pickups and utility trailers, push or dig earthen materials while operating the mobile equipment.
  • Must be alert and coordinated while operating mobile equipment.
  • Frequent walking and standing.
  • Frequent bending stooping and kneeling.
  • Occasionally working in confined areas.
  • May work extended hours to meet project needs.
  • Requires high degree of concentration while operating the equipment or tools.
  • May operate continuously several hours without a break.
  • Personnel may be working alone.
  • Exposed to constant and intermittent equipment noise and vibration.
  • Must remain focused on completing task safely.
  • May encounter wildlife while performing job duties (snakes, spiders, scorpions, bees, etc.)
Other Ergonomic Requirements: The position of retail personnel is a physical demanding job. The functions performed ordinarily involve: extending hands and arms in all directions, holding, grasping, turning objects using hands, picking, or otherwise working with fingers, perceiving size, shape, temperature or texture of objects through contact with the skin, primarily fingers. Involves climbing on ladders. Performance of some tests or operation of equipment may require motor coordination, finger dexterity, eye-hand-foot coordination and color differentiation.

Other Specifications and Requirements:
  • Must comply with company handbooks, procedures and policies
  • Must observe and comply with all safety policies and procedures.
  • Ability to use operator’s manual.
  • Perform safety inspections of the machines and work areas.
  • Demonstrate safe, productive job performance.
  • Know quality control considerations.
  • General knowledge of botany
  • General knowledge of pest
  • General knowledge of safety.
  • General knowledge of machine mechanics.
  • Fulfill other jobs as relief operator.
  • Meet the company expectations.

This position is to be filled without regard to sex, religion, race, national origin or disabilities.
Job Type: Full-time
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